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What does Darn Skippy mean??

Roseanne Lynch and Richard Lennon, artistic directors of Darn Skippy Productions, also happen to be married. When we first started dating, Richard (a New Yorker) used the phrase "Darn Skippy" in a sentence, and Roseanne (a Dubliner) was completely bewildered. Was he referring to a kangaroo who needed his socks mending? What was he talking about? Richard explained that saying "Darn Skippy" is like saying, not just "yes", but "YES!!!!" It is now something we say to each other most days, and when the time came to pick a name for our production company, it seemed like the perfect choice.

We want to make work that is vivid, bold and bursting with life - work that says, not just "yes", but "YES!!!!" to all the joy, agony and infinite possibility of being alive. 


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