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Walk, listen, dream. Darn Skippy Productions present Storywalks, a collection of four audio dramas, designed to be experienced outdoors, while walking. Step outside, take a breath and be transported. Each story is inspired by a different outdoor location in the natural beauty of Co. Kildare and each one will take you on a new journey. Expect your heart to be warmed and your wildness woken by these brand new works, created by Kildare-based artists. 


You will need: a smartphone or tablet; a pair of earphones; and your walking shoes. 


Step 1: Choose a story.

Step 2: Choose a location – each story comes with a suggestion of where to walk, or you can choose your own.

Step 3: Pop in your earphones, press Play and let your feet and your imagination roam.

Listen below:

Written & Directed by Roseanne Lynch
Performed by Richard Lennon


Written by Roseanne Lynch
Directed by Richard Lennon
Performed by Brendan Farrell & Roseanne Lynch


Written & Directed by Roseanne Lynch
Performed by Felispeaks


Written & Directed by Roseanne Lynch
Performed by Sadhbh O'Sullivan

Music, Sound Design & Editing by Richard Lennon



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