Christian Wethered’s “La Madeleine”

Music Video OUT NOW!

Creating the music video for "La Madeleine" was an enormous pleasure for us. Christian approached Richard to make a video for his final single prior to releasing his first full-length album, "Mon Petit Jardin."

Being created after a year of living in the COVID-19 pandemic, concepts of isolation and escapism found its way in the Richard's concept for "La Madeleine." With his background in film theory and history, he drew upon his love of silent films of the early 20th century--especially German Expressionism of the 1920's--in crafting the story and visual aesthetics of the film. Roseanne brought her training in movement to her portrayal of the two characters on screen.

The music video was premiered by Hot Press Magazine on May 10th, 2010.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Richard and with performance and choreography by Roseanne, this film has been such a very rewarding collaboration for Darn Skippy. We are delighted to have worked with Christian Wethered again, as we are such big fans of his music.

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