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The King is dead, long live the King… In the aftermath of his father’s death, Hamlet has lost out on becoming the King. He must face not just this loss, but the devastating grief he feels for his father. This grief is sharpened by the rage he feels towards his uncle not only for usurping the crown, but also for trying to position himself as the new father figure in Hamlet’s life. Though rife with betrayal and revenge, the father-son relationship at the core of this strand of Hamlet is as recognisable now as it was in 1600.

Following the success of This House is Elsinore at Culture Night 2022, the creative team return to bring you this promenade performance through the non-conventional spaces of The Moat Theatre — where Shakespeare’s text intersects with the fabric of the building, the history of the Moat Club and its members and the echoes of many rehearsals past.

Adapted and directed by LIANNE O'SHEA based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Including collaboration and performances from the members of THE MOAT CLUB. Music, Sound Design and Cinematography by RICHARD LENNON.

Lighting Design by MATT BURKE.

Poster Photo & Design by RICHARD LENNON.

A Darn Skippy Production.


This project was funded by the Kildare County Council Arts Service

and supported by the Moat Theatre.

Work-in-Progress Performances - Culture Night 2023

The Moat Theatre, Naas

This House is Elsinore

Performed at Culture Night 2022.

Darn Skippy Productions is in post-production with a filmed version of This House is Elsinore.

Click the image below for more info!

This House is Elsinore - Darn Skippy Productions.jpg
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