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A new Short Film from the creators of

Zandra, Queen of Jazz...


Fi has been a swan for nine hundred years.

Nine hundred years, waiting for revenge. Nine hundred years of soggy bread and no toes - but anything is better than being human.

A short tragicomedy, inspired by the story of the children of Lir.

Adapted from a play written by Roseanne Lynch as part of dlr LexIcon's 'Plays in the Park.'

Supported by Creative Ireland.

A film by Richard Lennon.

Starring Roseanne Lynch with Elliot Moriarty.

Written by Roseanne Lynch & Richard Lennon.

Story by Roseanne Lynch.

Music by Richard Lennon.

*Richard Lennon has been awarded the Short Grass Film Bursary from Kildare County Council for finishing funds for this short film!

Supported by

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Stay Tuned for Screenings!

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