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Zandra, Queen of Jazz

With just her sax and a suitcase, Zandra Mitchell joined a jazz band and toured the world. Born in Phibsborough, Dublin in 1903, she was Ireland’s first female saxophonist. While the twenties roared she found her way through Europe to Berlin. The dictators rose; the books burned; the bombs dropped…and Zandra played her sax.


Darn Skippy Productions present Zandra, Queen of Jazz — a play with original music, based on an extraordinary true story.

The early development of this piece was supported by an Emerging Artist Bursary from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Arts Office; with further support from dlr LexIcon Library


Written and Performed by Roseanne Lynch


Directed by Katherine Soloviev


Original Music, Arrangements and Sound Design by Richard Lennon

Costume and Lighting Design by Lianne O'Shea

Produced by Roseanne Lynch and Richard Lennon in association with Katherine Soloviev

With Support by Jazz Ireland


Poster by Eugene Korolkov

Zandra, Queen of Jazz: About Us


"Lynch...traces the fortunes and misfortunes of a trailblazer, with candour and the impression of improvisation, though the lines are flawlessly rehearsed and the rhythms exact... Richard Lennon's accompanying soundtrack oscillates between the jazz of the Roaring Twenties and sombre atmospheres that reflect the darker undertones of Zandra's life and times... Lynch's labor-of-love honors Josephine Alexandra Mitchell in a way that a few lines in jazz historiography cannot "

- Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

"Splendid debut stage production...Sensitively directed by Katherine Soloviev...

enticing original music... "

 - Jini Rooney, Broadway World

"Roseanne Lynch... is simply incredible... Richard Lennon, who provides original music perfectly echoes the tones and beats of the story... This is both an invigorating and empowering performance "

- Florence McGowan,



"Katherine Soloviev uses music and movement to inject the one-woman show with a stylish dynamism. Lynch's performance is elegant and poised. ...brings an untold story vividly to life "

                           - Katy Hayes, Irish Independent

"Directed with a real sense of pace and zip, and a wonderful feeling of the style of the 1920’s, by Katherine Soloviev. Original music written by Richard Lennon...wonderful, original, seductive jazz...tinged with regret, nostalgia, happiness as well, and memory. The lighting...has the smokey effect of a speakeasy in the 1920’s. A show where all the elements of theatre fused together to make a really unique and fascinating piece "

                              - John Dalton, Centre Stage, Dublin City FM 

"Lynch tells Zandra’s story with gusto and it is a story worth the telling "

                         - Frank L, No More Workhorse

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